iPLAss Document

This document explains the mechanisms and practical usages of iPLAss for developers.

The features attached with the following labels(EE Only) are available only to iPLAss Enterprise Editions

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1. Overview

This document depicts the overall features of the iPLAss.

2. Getting Started

Recommanded for starters. It contains the tutorials about installing and configuring the environments and also has some sample use cases on the basic features.

3. Developer Guide

The references of detailed guides for each specific feature. This document is meant for experienced developers.

4. API Reference

JAVA API references (javadoc) for the developments on iPLAss.

5. EQL Reference

The documents about the EQL (Entity Query Language) for the developments on iPLAss.

6. Configuration

The references for the configuration files of iPLAss.

7. Environment

A summary of notes and remiders for configuring the iPLAss environment.

8. Samples

Explaination and description of a sample application on iPLAss.