Kick-Start new businesses with Agility
and Satisfaction

Open Source
Low-Code Development Platform
Kick-start for new business with a agile and economical solution
  • [news] 2024/04/26 iPLAss ver.3.2.18 released
  • [news] 2024/04/25 iPLAss ver.3.1.43 released

iPLAss is a java-based enterprise class low-code web development platform, which have been focused on
boosting the productivity of system development.

MVC based framework with non-programming development mechanism
ensure both Productivity and Customizability


Define data and build application from web brower
without programming!

Largely boost the efficiency of development.
  1. 1
    define data on screen, the user interfaces will be generated automatically.
    Define data on browser,
    the user interface will
    generate itself.
  2. 2
    data entry on the generated user interfaces.
    Data entry on
    the generated user interfaces.
  3. 3
    the data will show on the customized site pages for consumer.
    The data will show
    on the customized site pages
    for consumer.
  • Just define the data on web browser, the applications are ready to use.
  • Upon data definition, CRUD(Create/Read/Update/Delete)functions will be generated automatically.
  • Modifying the data definition does not require a restart to reflect the changes
  • Authentication, workflow, data aggregation, the on-demand utility functions for application development are provided
  • Java, JavaEE(JakartaEE) technology stacks based environment made it multi-platform integrable
  • Java/Groovy, JSP/GroovyTemplate technology suppoted
  • Providing a MVC framewok supporting the development of custom logics
  • Providing a plugin to add customer membership functionality to existing webpages


  • agile developments・DevOps oriented platforms

    Agile Developments・DevOps
    Oriented Development Platforms

    To serve as a foundation of short-period developments, the tools for Incremental/Iterative model are provided so adding new functionality and releases can be handled easily

  • Web Customer Identity Management System

    Web Customer Identity Management System

    Providing customer indentity administrative utilities(Sign up, 2-step verification, Login by social media, Authority-Management)and the plugin to turn existing websites into membership based websites

  • smart phone application BaaS, along with the demands of enterprise class business

    Mobile application BaaS
    fullfilling the enterprise demands

    Not just web API for mobile phone application, we also provide the functionality such as data aggregation, workflow, advanced role management and integrate with existing systems


Opensource Edition
Enterprise Edition
Defining and Managing the Data
metadata management, data management, automatic data management interface generation
Advanced Data Management
data audit logging, encryption etc.
Logic Customization
customize the working logics, creating web API, document generation
Security Mechanism
basic authentication, authorization, OAuth/OpenID Connect etc.
Advanced Security Mechanism
SAML, 2-step verification, User Impersonation, LDAP supports etc.
Multi-Language Environment
Notification Messages
mail, SMS, push notification and the corresponding template management
Multi-tenant system
Data Aggregation
Ad-Hoc Query, aggregation, simple BI functionality
Job scheduler
EUC mechanism
GUI for end user to manage the metadata
Developing/Managing tools
web console and batches for developer, Eclipse Plugin etc.
Web Account Manager & plugins
Web Account Manager and its plugins
technical consultants by email, enhancement request, patch releases supplied during the license period, additonal information and so on